Comfy clothes for your little ones

We pride ourselves on producing hard wearing, practical garments for your little ones. Everything is handmade to the highest us!

All our fabrics are individually sourced, ensuring originality and quality.

Why do we do this?

We love making comfy clothes that kids want to wear. Gone are the days of itchy elastic and smocking.

Girls and boys should both be able to play comfortably and explore the world around them without being worried about uncomfy clothing.

  • Nappy Wallets

    Padded nappy wallets - perfect for newborn gift!

    How do you change bubs when out? I had issues popping my girls on the gross plastic tables so came up with a padded change wallet.

    All mats have
    -large pockets for wipes, spare clothes and nappy bin bags
    - padded mat which rolls out to 12" x 28", suitable for newborn to 2 years (or toilet trained!)

  • Dresses

    Comfy knit dresses for kids who love to play and be able to move!

  • Undies!

    Our underwear came into being as a direct result of toilet training!

    We were frustrated with the very poor quality of undies in the shops; it's next to impossible to teach your little one to pull up their pants when the elastic ends up between their does the thin fabric.

    So ours are made from stretchy, soft and gentle cotton lycra, with soft leg and waist bands.

    Try wont be disappointed, and nor will your little one.

  • Rompers

    All rompers are made from a beautifully soft cotton lycra with 2 way stretch; this means the fabric stretches in all directions. There are no snaps in the rompers due the delicate nature of the fabric and the design; which is to give babies and children clothing with no hard parts.

    The rompers are designed to allow the fabric to sit just under the knees, allowing a little more freedom in the crawling and exploring stages. As the leg cuffs are also made from cotton lycra, they can be pulled up further when the child is walking with ease, or left down in cooler weather.