This is us...!

This is us...!

First blog post here, mainly to welcome you all to the new-look website.

I've decided to migrate here for a few reasons;

  • addition of Afterpay for purchases (yay!)
  • easier access through the 'Avabug' domain
  • more features for our growing business and items

For those of you who are new to Avabug, or who may be browsing around, let me introduce myself.

I've always had a creative side; as much as I always wanted to excel at the mathematical and scientific things, my right brain function is clearly better!  I loved languages at school, which resulted in me living in Italy after graduation. I then completed French and Italian honours at Uni along with a teaching degree.

 I poured my heart and soul into teaching until falling pregnant with my first little lady, Ava.  At which point I found she was very tall and skinny and therefore had issues fitting most 'ready-to-wear' clothing.  And so the creativity began again...

It began with nappy wallets, onesies and trousers.  But then as Ava began crawling, it was noted that her knees were suffering bruises due to our wooden floors.  My dad (a more scientific and mathematical person!) and I sat and designed some rompers for her, so  that her knees remained covered.  Voila!  

I started scouting out the perfect fabrics and finally decided upon cotton lycra. Not the cheapest fabric around at all...but it's soft, stretchy and washes/tumble dries incredibly well. 

From there, it's grown into anything and everything!  I love trialling new things and have recently added new items to the store such as:

  • hoodies
  • hooded rompers
  • undies

I'll leave the whole undie topic for another blog post!  We're currently in the midst of toilet training and this is the reason I have to dash right now!  Otherwise we'll have another 'situation' and I'll be left cleaning up the little puddles of a yet-to-be trained toddler.  Made all the more interesting by my little troublemaker of a one yr old who insists these 'fun puddles' are left for her to spread around the house.

Ah yes, love the little dears!

So thanks for stopping by; I'd love any feedback about how to improve it (honestly..I'm not just saying that!)


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