Long Time....new website

Long Time....new website

After a few years with the old shopfront, I've decided to give it a reboot and launch with an upgrade.

The last few years have been tough on everyone...covid has played havoc with life in general.

We moved from Brisbane to Perth at the end of 2019, with 3 little girls in tow.  And then entered the odd world of covid lockdowns, lack of participation in schools and the fallout it's had on the handmade community.

Not only have people reduced purchasing, but there is less availability of fabrics, as small local fabric businesses cant afford to hold stock.  Pre-orders have also blow out from 4 to almost 7 weeks for printing.  All of this has big effects on sewists trying to plan for the season ahead.

As such, I reduced my website and social media presence and took care of my family and friends.  I have participated in some amazing local handmade markets and am reinvigorated.

I will not be doing large releases, I will be more focused on making things I love, when I can. If you love quality items that last forever, please sign up to my email list, find me on facebook and instagram and follow for all things Avabug.


Thanks for reading!

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