About Us

Avabug was born out of a need for something to help me change my baby (Ava) on the go.  I was quite sick of cleaning plastic change mats in shopping centres and struggled to locate items strewn through my nappy bag.

And so the Travel Change Wallet was born!  I made a few for friends and then had people asking me about it when I was changing my daughter, so I decided to make some for a market and the rest is history!

New products began to pop up when Ava began crawling and constantly had sore knees from our wooden floors...and along arrived the playsuit lycra rompers with covered knees.

In 2016 came the arrival of my second daughter, Mia and then in 2019 we were lucky to welcome our last little lady...Isabel!  All of the clothes I made Ava, have lasted and are now being worn by Isabel.  Once she's done, they're being passed to other friends with little girls!

We love to know that our products are being enjoyed and used by others and welcome feedback, suggestions, ideas and photos!  If you'd like to drop us a line, please email avabug@basanovic.com.

Best wishes,

The Avabug Team


If you cannot find the size you are after, please contact us! We will try to accommodate all requests.